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ICC Players Ranking

The International Cricket Council or the ICC organizes international cricket matches in various formats like T20, Test Match, and ODI (One-Day International). Based on the results of those matches each team plays, International Cricket Council ICC awards points to each side and its players. The ranking continues to change after each game a team plays. Whether its Test, T20, or ODI, a player ranking and Team ranking updated after every match ends.


ICC ODI Teams Ranking

International Cricket Council known as ICC owns all cricket games played internationally in all over the world. More than 12 teams from worldwide play cricket internationally, but only the top 12 teams are displayed in ICC ODI team ranking which is based on every team Points and Rating. The ICC ODI Team Ranking updates daily when any team plays a match. If the team wins, they got certain points and if a team loses the certain ratio of points deducts from their ODI team ranking. So my a general mathematically formula the ODI Team Rankings are calculated.


ICC Test Teams Ranking

The ICC Test Championship is an advanced and newly organized championship. ICC-organized tournament for 12 teams playing in the cricket test format for which the ICC test Rating points table updates after every team player plays a Test Match. Test matches schedule played for almost five days in which The first team plays and second player achieves the target set by the first team in first innings. The second team after leading gives a target to the first team which the first team meets and set the final target to the opponent team after second innings.


ICC T20 Teams Ranking

Likewise, in ODI or Test Matches, ICC also offers T20 Team Rankings which are among the top 10 best Teams. T20 match is one of the shortest formats of the game where teams play for only 20 overs, and most of the T20 matches played in Day/Night Conditions. Every team scores a point on winning a match, and they got a rating on the basis of by how much margin the team wins.