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Compare Car Insurance at the Best Prices

Compare Car Insurance at the Best Prices. First of all, an auto insurance contract, also called an “insurance policy”, is an official document containing several clauses on the general conditions and the specific conditions relating to the coverage chosen. For example, there may be clauses on guarantees, insurance premiums, deductibles or exclusions of guarantees, etc. Such a contract is usually signed between the insurance company and the underwriter.

So, is car insurance compulsory? The answer is yes. Insuring your car is also mandatory. This applies to all motor vehicles, including trailers and semi-trailers. Failure to take out car insurance is qualified as an offense and can expose you to a fine of €3,750. This penalty may be accompanied by the confiscation of the vehicle, the suspension of your driving license, the obligation to carry out, at your expense, a road traffic awareness course, etc.

To avoid such penalties, it is better to take out at least the minimum guarantee, namely civil liability insurance. This only covers bodily injury and property damage suffered by a third party in an at-fault accident. The third-party victim can be a passenger, another driver, a pedestrian, another vehicle, etc. To benefit from more extensive coverage, you have the option of including other guarantees in your insurance contract.

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Car Insurance: What Guarantees to Bet On?


Be aware that the guarantees offered by insurance companies are available in three categories: third-party guarantee, extended third-party guarantee, and all-risk guarantee.


Simple third-party guarantee

The simple third-party guarantee, which is also called a “civil liability guarantee”, is the compulsory minimum guarantee. You must be at least covered by such insurance to remain legal. Following a responsible claim, it allows third parties who have suffered material and bodily damage to benefit from compensation from your insurance company. Thus, you no longer have to repair the victim.

Since the level of cover provided by third-party car insurance is the lowest, many policyholders opt for the higher formula, such as extended third-party guarantee or all-risk car insurance.


The extended third-party guarantee

Extended third-party insurance not only includes civil liability coverage, but also other types of coverage, such as theft, glass breakage, fire, attack, natural and technological disasters, etc. Since it offers more coverage compared to the third-party formula, its price is thus a little higher. As an insured, you are free to choose the guarantees you wish to add to the basic cover.


All risk insurance

The all-risk formula, for its part, includes the guarantees mentioned above and the all-accident damage guarantee. The advantage of the latter is that it allows you to benefit from compensation from the insurer for the damage that your vehicle has suffered during an accident. You can claim such coverage whether or not you are at fault and whether your vehicle is stationary or in motion at the time of the claim.

In short, this formula covers all risks, regardless of the circumstances of their occurrence. Difficult to compare the guarantees offered by your insurance company? The best option is to use an auto insurance comparator.

Important advice: if the value of your vehicle is quite high, it would be better to cover it with a comprehensive insurance plan. In this way, there are fewer losses in the event of damage during an accident. This type of coverage is also recommended if there is an outstanding credit on your vehicle. It allows you to protect it more effectively.


What are the guarantees offered by an insurance company?

Alongside the mandatory civil liability cover, there are other types of cover offering greater protection to the insured.


Optional car insurance cover

If you find that the coverage offered by the third-party insurance is not sufficient enough, you can add more extensive guarantees. Adding them to the contract systematically leads to an upward reassessment of the insurance rate.

Since third-party insurance does not allow you to benefit from compensation, even if you suffer material and bodily damage, it is then useful to supplement it with vehicle damage cover. When your contract includes such coverage, the insurance company reimburses you when the insured vehicle is damaged following an accident. There are several types of vehicle damage coverage, such as all-accident or all-risk damage coverage, collision damage coverage, fire and theft coverage, glass breakage coverage, etc.

In addition to this, you have the option of adding additional guarantees to your vehicle damage guarantee. These include storm cover, terrorist attack and act of terrorism cover, and natural or technological disaster cover.


Additional guarantees

In addition to vehicle damage guarantees, you can also add additional guarantees to your civil liability insurance. These can be:

  • The mechanical breakdown guarantee, allows the insurance company to compensate for the repair costs related to the breakdown of the insured vehicle. Coverage may include electrical components, motor, power, etc.
  • “ Vehicle contents ” cover: this additional cover covers the disappearance or damage to objects inside the insured vehicle. These can be personal or professional in nature.
  • The steering wheel loan guarantee or the vehicle loan: if you plan to lend your vehicle to your loved one, you must take out a steering wheel loan guarantee or a secondary driver.


The driver’s personal guarantee


The driver’s personal guarantee is in most cases integrated into all-risk insurance contracts. It allows the insured driver to benefit from compensation in the event of bodily injury, whether or not he is at fault.

In the majority of cases, the driver’s personal guarantee covers the driver only when he is only on board the insured car. Despite this, it can also be extended to a rental vehicle or a loaner vehicle.


Optional service guarantees

This relates to support services. You have the possibility of supplementing the cover of your vehicle with these guarantees. They are diversified: the guarantee of legal protection or “recourse defense” and “the breakdown assistance guarantee ”.


How much does car insurance cost?

The price is one of the essential criteria if you are looking for better auto insurance. Indeed, many factors determine the insurance rate. These factors include:

  • The type of vehicle and its brand: the pricing may vary depending on whether the vehicle to be insured is a small city car or a family car. Insuring a prestigious brand vehicle can also raise the amount of the premium since its repair cost is high.
  • The level of guarantee chosen: the price of car insurance depends on the formula chosen: the third party, extended third party, or all risks. In addition to the insurance formulas, the level of deductible can also vary the insurance premiums. Indeed, the formula is more expensive if it does not include a deductible.
  • Your driver profile: the price of young driver insurance is, for example, more expensive than that of experienced young driver insurance with no history. It is also expensive for seasoned drivers with a track record; Do not hesitate to consult our young driver car insurance comparator.
  • The characteristics of your vehicle, such as its power, its energy source, year of registration, etc.


Everything you need to know before buying car insurance

Before signing your insurance contract, check a certain amount of information, such as:

  • The guarantees: you must be attentive to what the insurer offers you. Ask yourself: are the blankets right for me? What claims are covered? Under what conditions can guarantees be implemented? There are so many other questions to ask.
  • The conditions of compensation: this concerns reimbursement ceilings, exclusions, deductibles, etc.


What are the advantages of using a car insurance comparator?


To find the best insurance, there is nothing better than using a car insurance comparator. Such a tool allows you to compare in an easy and free way the different formulas offered by insurance companies. Using it is one of the best ways to find the best insurance offer. The tool provides you with the price of all the best insurance offers. This helps you easily find the best value for money.

The use of car insurance comparators is not complicated. To proceed, you only have to complete the requested fields. This information allows the comparator to detect and list the various offers on the insurance market. If you are interested in one of these offers, you can directly request car insurance quotes via the platform. Do not hesitate to specify the level of guarantees you need.