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Geo Super Live Cricket Streaming

Geo Super Live Streaming, Live Telecast TV Channels, and Broadcasting Rights. Geo Super is the first Pakistani private sports tv channel launched in September 2007 to broadcast live sports events and cricket Matches online. Geo Super TV Channel is part of the GEO television network and the Jang Group of newspapers and belongs to Mir Khalil ur Rehman. Geo Super’s vision and mission are to cover all national and international sports as well as all sporting events and activities.


Geo Super Live Telecast and Broadcast TV Channel

GEO Super also covers current sporting events for all sports enthusiasts. In addition, this includes the life of all superstars. Geo Super has its own Panel of experts, composed of older, respected, and reputable sportsmen, who give the best opinions and analysis during online cricket matches. Geo Super also broadcasts all of Pakistan’s memorable events and victories in a program titled super Classic.

Plus, Geo Super is a platform designed for the craziest cricket fans who can enjoy and watch all the international cricket events and many other events on the large scale. Don’t miss any of the special moments of the upcoming events.

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Pakistan Super League – PSL

Geo Super to broadcast the live coverage of all the PSL 2023 live in Pakistan; all the t20 matches of the tournament will be live-streamed on Geo Super. Also, cricket viewers in Pakistan can watch PSL 8 live on Geo Super. As Geo Super has purchased the long-term broadcasting rights for the Pakistan Super League.


Kashmir Premier League – KPL 

The third edition of the Kashmir Premier League is scheduled to kick off in August 2023. Geo Super to broadcast the live coverage of KPL 2023 in Pakistan; all the matches of KPL 3 will be live-streamed on Geo Super.


Geo Super Live T20 World Cup 2022

Geo Super acquires the telecasting rights of the tournament and will broadcast the live coverage of all the matches of ICC T20 WC 2022 live in Pakistan. Cricket viewers in Pakistan can Watch T20 World Cup Live Stream on Geo Super TV Channel and Website.

The eighth edition of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is set to begin in October 2022. Australia to defend the title against the other 12 teams in the tournament. All the cricket nations have announced their team’s squad and jersey kits.


No Match Date Timing
1 Sri Lanka vs Namibia 16-Oct-22 09:30 AM
2 Qualifier 2 vs Qualifier 3 16-Oct-22 01:30 PM
3 West Indies vs Scotland 17-Oct-22 09:30 AM
4 Qualifier 1 vs Qualifier 4 17-Oct-22 01:30 PM
5 Namibia vs Qualifier 3 18-Oct-22 09:30 AM
6 Sri Lanka vs Qualifier 2 18-Oct-22 01:30 PM
7 Scotland vs Qualifier 4 19-Oct-22 09:30 AM
8 West Indies vs Qualifier 1 19-Oct-22 01:30 PM
9 Sri Lanka vs Qualifier 3 20-Oct-22 09:30 AM
10 Namibia vs Qualifier 2 20-Oct-22 01:30 PM
11 West Indies vs Qualifier 4 21-Oct-22 09:30 AM
12 Scotland vs Qualifier 1 21-Oct-22 01:30 PM
13 New Zealand vs Australia 22-Oct-22 12:30 PM
14 England vs Afghanistan 22-Oct-22 04:30 PM
15 Group-A Winner vs Group-B Runner-up 23-Oct-22 09:30 AM
16 India vs Pakistan 23-Oct-22 01:30 PM
17 Bangladesh vs Group-A Runner-up 24-Oct-22 09:30 AM
18 South Africa vs Group-B Winner 24-Oct-22 01:30 PM
19 Australia vs Group-A Winner 25-Oct-22 04:30 PM
20 England vs Group-B Runner-up 26-Oct-22 09:30 AM
21 New Zealand vs Afghanistan 26-Oct-22 01:30 PM
22 South Africa vs Bangladesh 27-Oct-22 08:30 AM
23 India vs Group-A Runner-up 27-Oct-22 12:30 PM
24 Pakistan vs Group B Winner 27-Oct-22 04:30 PM
25 Afghanistan vs Group-B Runner-up 28-Oct-22 09:30 AM
26 England vs Australia 28-Oct-22 01:30 PM
27 New Zealand vs Group-A Winner 29-Oct-22 01:30 PM
28 Bangladesh vs Group-B Winner 30-Oct-22 08:30 AM
29 Pakistan vs Group-A Runner-up 30-Oct-22 12:30 PM
30 India vs South Africa 30-Oct-22 04:30 PM
31 Australia vs Group-B Runner-up 31-Oct-22 01:30 PM
32 Afghanistan vs Group-A Winner 01-Nov-22 09:30 AM
33 England vs New Zealand 01-Nov-22 01:30 PM
34 Group B Winner vs Group-A Runner-up 02-Nov-22 09:30 AM
35 India vs Bangladesh 02-Nov-22 01:30 PM
36 Pakistan vs South Africa 03-Nov-22 01:30 PM
37 New Zealand vs Group-B Runner-up 04-Nov-22 09:30 AM
38 Australia vs Afghanistan 04-Nov-22 01:30 PM
39 England vs Group-A Winner 05-Nov-22 01:30 PM
40 South Africa vs Group-A Runner-up 06-Nov-22 05:30 AM
41 Pakistan vs Bangladesh 06-Nov-22 09:30 AM
42 India vs Group-B Winner 06-Nov-22 01:30 PM
43 1st Semi-Final 09-Nov-22 01:30 PM
44 2nd Semi-Final 10-Nov-22 01:30 PM
45 Final 13-Nov-22 01:30 PM



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