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Car Insurance Comparison: Best Compare Car Insurance

It is not always easy to choose your car contract, to define your priorities and your needs, not to mention the multitude of offers on the market. To see more clearly, compare the offers of our partners to obtain the auto insurance quotes best suited to your vehicle and your needs. Thanks to our tool, in less than two minutes, we allow you to save up to 45% on your current car insurance contract*.

This online car insurance simulation is free and without obligation, constituting a detailed comparison of high quality. First determine your needs: third-party or all-risk, with or without glass breakage guarantee. We then offer you auto insurance quotes from our partners: major insurance companies, general agents, and brokers, whether they are remote or nearby.


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Do you think you are paying a fair price to protect your vehicle from potential damage and the hazards of the road? Are you sure you have correctly optimized your personal contract in order to make the most of your insurance and to be compensated for the maximum amounts to which you can claim in the event of a dispute or claim? Our car insurance comparator can help you see more clearly. If you have any doubts about the quality/price ratio of the services of your contract, or if you simply wish to increase its scope of coverage or reduce its price, you are on the right page.

If your car insurance no longer suits you or if you need your first car contract, here are some important things to know. First, know that the price of your coverage will vary depending on your vehicle, your experience, and your profile. The more horsepower your vehicle has, for example, the higher your contributions are likely to be. Thanks to us, you will be able to carry out an auto insurance simulation online, free of charge, quickly, and without commitment. You will be able to compare the service providers with each other and the offers they offer.

Easy to find cheap insurance under these conditions. You will thus be able to obtain very interesting auto insurance quotes, either to discuss on equal terms with your current insurer and thus demand a significant reduction in your contributions or a massive increase in your coverage and available options. Or even to decide to engage with a new agency, is more professional, or more sensitive to your needs.

Play the competition and compare, it’s without obligation. Finding an insurer that listens to motorists is still possible, whatever their liabilities: young drivers or drivers who have seen their contract terminated, everyone can find the contract that best suits them and that best meets their needs. through online simulation. And this whatever the type you are looking for, 4×4 insurance, cheap young license insurance, a city car or car insurance per kilometer. A free, non-binding, and quick search tool, it lists more than 200 formulas representative of the insurance market. It’s simple and effective, and you get factual data almost instantly.


Car Insurance: Insure the Vehicle

According to the insurance code, it is compulsory to insure any land motor vehicle to cover at least its civil liability in the event of an accident. This is why, whatever your profile, you must subscribe to a guaranteed formula offered by various insurers because no one is immune to an accident and damage. This also promotes the defense of your car (in the event of theft or damage).

Auto insurance takes into account the profile to offer prices that will adapt to your needs. Recognize your profile:

  • young driver: the risk of accident and claim is higher for a young driver, the rates are also higher until the end of the 3rd year of the license.
  • experienced driver
  • bonus: if you have a bonus, the amount of your premium is reduced, which saves a few euros.
  • malus: with a malus, it is the opposite of the bonus, the price of your premium is increased
  • and terminated: considered as a risk profile, there are insurers specializing in these cases. The rates are higher than for a conventional driver.


Types of Vehicles That needed to Be Insured

Depending on the type of automobile you own, the price changes. This is why an online comparator makes the process easier. Here are the types of vehicles covered by insurance:

  • electric, new or used;
  • collectibles;
  • caravan;
  • trailer;
  • without license;
  • camping-car;

The protection of your motor vehicle is guaranteed by many insurance companies. To make the right choice, our comparator offers to compare the covers, and the deductibles and to obtain the formula and the tariff which is in accordance with your needs.



How Is Car Insurance Calculated?

In general, it is possible to compare all and for all 3 car insurance formulas thanks to our cheap car insurance comparator. Thus, just as for motorcycle insurance, it is possible to choose a third-party, intermediate, or all-risk car insurance formula. Each of these formulas allows you, within the limits of your budget and your needs, the best car insurance possible. Following the comparison, you can make the right choice by having access to multiple auto insurance quotes instantly.


All-Risk Car Insurance

This is without a doubt the best-known car insurance formula, but also the most complete. Indeed, it covers the majority of bodily injury and material damage that you could potentially inflict on a third party, or inflict on yourself. Thus, we generally find in this type of formula:

  • a civil liability guarantee
  • theft, fire, and glass breakage cover
  • a damage guarantee (the person responsible for the accident must be identified)
  • natural disaster, storm
  • an assistance and repair guarantee (sending repairman, towing, loan of a replacement vehicle, etc.)

All-risk car insurance is the smartest choice for owners of high-end new cars with a high replacement cost. Its high cost can nevertheless dissuade young drivers, who will then have more interest in moving towards third-party or intermediary insurance; more accessible.


Intermediate Car Insurance

As its name suggests, intermediate auto insurance bridges the gap between all-risk insurance and third-party insurance. It is an excellent compromise for moderate budgets. Intermediary insurance is less expensive than all-risk insurance and offers more coverage than third-party insurance. Generally, intermediate car insurance offers various additional guarantees (compared to “third-party”) such as theft, assistance, fire, etc.).


Third-Party Car Insurance

Third-party car insurance is the cheapest option and is the most attractive choice for a young drivers looking for affordable car insurance for their used or low-value vehicle, or if they drive relatively little. The civil liability guarantee is included in the third-party car insurance and legally constitutes the compulsory minimum insurance.

As its name suggests, it covers bodily injury and material damage that the insured could cause to a third party. However, it does not include damage cover and therefore does not allow the insured to be covered for the damage that he and his car could potentially suffer.


Customization Possibilities Exist

Even if there are only 3 “classic” car insurance formulas, it is possible to add some optional guarantees to your contract (third party or intermediary) and modulate your levels of guarantee in order to benefit from a better cover. Thus, it is not uncommon for insurers to offer guarantees such as legal protection, 0 km assistance, or even the driver’s personal guarantee. You can also decide to increase your deductible in order to benefit from reduced monthly contributions.

In addition, it is possible to opt for a special pricing method that has recently appeared and is generally recommended for young drivers or “little riders”, as it is more economical for them. This is insurance per kilometer, also called “Pay As You Drive”.

In this mode of operation, the total amount of the annual contribution depends entirely on the number of kilometers you will have traveled during the same year. The more you drive, the higher this contribution will be . The less you drive, the weaker it will be. This is why small riders have every interest in opting for this type of pricing. However, if you exceed the mileage that you had undertaken not to exceed when subscribing to this contract, a substantial additional premium will then be applied, and your contract then losing its interest.


Final Verdict

Thanks to an online car insurance simulation, you can compete with insurers and find the perfect contract for you. Not only with a view to finding an insurance quote as a young driver, but also in the event that you would like to change insurers to find a more economical contract, and offer you as much if not more guarantees.

Thus, the Hamon law allows all policyholders who have taken out car insurance to terminate their contract after one year. By using it, your new insurer will be able to take care of the procedures for terminating your old contract for you.



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